Picture by Amogha Varsha

Hey reader, I am Satwik Mishra. I write poetry, prose & currently working on my first novel, “The Quagmire”. Many of my writings tend to carry themes of grief, nostalgia, loss, time & love. I am also an avid reader and I’m fond of literary fiction. If we ever happen to meet we could wade through the night talking about books, philosophy, music & films. I am introverted and can manage to entertain you with a dry sense of humor. I also write for short films & have acted in two of them ( I can’t vouch for the quality of my acting).

The reason I started this blog is because of my love for stories.

Stories always find a way to us. They’ve been trickling through the small gaps in time, travelling centuries, to offer comfort to those who seek it.Perhaps by a small boy who hides in the cupboard scared of the dark, a teenager tormented by heartbreak & angst wishing he was dead, a man in thirties reminiscing his childhood days, in a desperate attempt to evade the loneliness in his four bedroom apartment, an old man reading to his granddaughter, a bedtime story that she’ll dream in deep slumber. ⁣

To be able to create something that offers recluse to the lost & heals the broken, centuries later, is nothing short of magic. That is why we need art. Art is life.⁣

Thank you for checking out my works. I hope that you are as touched by the magic of stories as I was years ago on that summer afternoon when I discovered books & the joy of reading.

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