A beautiful afternoon in Munnar.
Picture by Amogha Varsha

Dear reader, I’m hoping you’re doing well. You can call me Satwik. I’m hoping that you’d like to know a tad bit about me in case my works caught your attention. I’ll keep it short for I believe that one’s art should speak for oneself.

I write poetry, prose, and currently working on my first novel, “The Quagmire”. Many of my writings tend to carry themes of grief, nostalgia, loss, time & love. I am also an avid reader and a book hoarder. Literature, Philosophy, Movies, and Art excite me. I am introverted with a dry sense of humor. I also write for short films & have acted in two of them ( I can’t vouch for the quality of my acting ). Of course I’m not shying away from uploading them here for you to watch.

Both the short films are directed by Amogha Varsha who is now pursuing film-making, music, and entrepreneurship. We had loads of fun shooting it. There are plenty of stories that you can find in my blogs where I’ve described the events as I remember them – with fondness and longing.

This is the second short film that I acted in and wrote the script for. We’d created this video for Hubloft as a part of their marketing campaign. This was shot in Munnar, Kerala.

I hope that my works will resonate with you. I hope you live a life of meaning albeit marred with hardships and suffering. Before you drift off to newer places, here is something that I impulsively wrote one winter evening on my way back home.

Stories always find a way to us. They’ve been trickling through the small gaps in time, traveling centuries, to offer comfort to those who seek it. Perhaps by a small boy who hides in the cupboard scared of the dark, a teenager tormented by heartbreak & angst wishing he was dead, a man in thirties reminiscing his childhood days, in a desperate attempt to evade the loneliness in his four-bedroom apartment, an old man reading to his granddaughter, a bedtime story that she’ll dream in deep slumber. ⁣

To be able to create something that offers recluse to the lost & heals the broken, centuries later is nothing short of magic. That is why we need art. Art is life.⁣

Thank you for checking out my works. I hope that you are as touched by the magic of stories as I was years ago on that summer afternoon when I discovered books & the joy of reading.

For the love of words.

Thank you.

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